Sunday, 3 February 2019

Quick & Simple Card Stock Storage Idea

Hi Everyone, 

Yesterday evening was planned to be a crafting session in my room and organisation took over!! 

I already have a storage system in place for my regular and everyday card stock which is underneath my desk using inexpensive Ikea magazine holders. I took a glance at my Stampin'Up card stock which I keep on my working desk and it looked a mess. 

I had recently received my Spring/Summer order and had just placed the packs of card in without opening the packets and it was just screaming out for some love.I did already have them tabbed but I always confused myself as I was always struggling to see if that was the actual colour I was looking for. 

Here is a photo of the how it was stored before I made it just amazing! Just look at the transformation!


This took me around 2 hours and I used really simple and inexpensive supplies. 

- Dymo Letratag label maker (this is NOT needed - you can easily print out labels on word and cut them to stick to tabs)
- Magazine holders from Poundland,UK
- Scissors
- 2 1/4" circle punch OR any other punch in any shape. I used this as I wanted something big.  
- Double sided tape or snail adhesive. 


This is a great way to organise if you're a hobby demo or part time crafter and doesn't have a huge craft room or workspace. I would love to own rack but I can't as I have no room or space. These fit perfectly into a space in my craft room. 

I have made a quick and simple video to show you how I made the tabs and put everything together. 

Enjoy and share your simple card storage ideas as I would love to see.  

Sim x

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