Wednesday, 5 December 2018

30 Cards using 6 Sheets of 12" x 12" paper

Completed my challenge of making 24 cards using 6 sheets of 12"x12" designer series paper and ended up making 30 cards!!!!

I use to be a DSP hoarder. I always ended up odering lots of it, looked at it, stroked it and then added it to my existing stash. It would then retire and I would end up selling it or using it for a project at school etc..

Last year it all changed. I chopped into it and made so many cards so i decided to exactly the same this year but only using half of the pack.

I always love creating a variety of sizes. For this challenge I wanted to showcase the paper as it's so gorgeous and festive. This can be done with any 12"x12" paper. I think I might give it a go for my Valentines cards next year. 

This paper is now out of stock but don't feel afraid to use any other paper. Buy it, chop it, glue it and give it away!!

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