Monday, 2 April 2018

Stamping Spot Mini Ink Pads

Hi everyone,

Hope you've had  a lovely Easter. I just wanted to share idea that I had and thought it might inspire you to use Stampin'Up products. 
For me, everyone I show the catalogue to whether it be a friend or family member say 'Oh, it's very pricey'. I decided to look into it and in actual fact they are right. 

For a first time crafter spending £50 on a set of ink pads is a lot of money. I had a friend, join my team and she said the same thing. I looked into this and thought 'what can I do to entice customers to purchase Stampin'Up products. Without the correct ink pads the stamp sets cannot be used!!!!!!!'

My solution: 

I made a collection of the Subtle family using the stamping spots. I am selling these for £15 OR FREE if you spend over £50 in the Stampin'Up shop. You get all the ink pads colours from the same family and can choose from regals, subtles, brights and neutrals.

If you want to order the ink pads you can send me an email or send me £15 payment via Paypal which includes shipping.

OR go to my online shop and purchase product for £50 or more and I will send a set of mini ink pads for FREE! 

Please include your colour request and send me shipping details. 

I think these are a great way to start stamping. I know the feeling of having to spend £50 on a set of ink pads when it's a hobby or if you're just looking into paper crafting. 



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